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4Ocean - 4ocean Medium Sea Turtle Braided Bracelet - Lime

  • $20.00

 Sea Turtle braided bracelet medium


Six out of seven sea turtle species are endangered.

5.75 to 6.75in size small

6.75 to 7.75in MEDIUM (M)

7.75 to 8.75in LARGE (Lrg

It’s estimated that over half of all sea turtles have ingested some form of plastic in their lifetime. When plastic is in the water where sea turtles feed, they can easily mistake the trash for food. Ingesting ocean plastic can cause internal blockages that often lead to starvation or death.

The risk of plastic ingestion is especially high for sea turtle hatchlings that encounter microplastic pollution in the sargassum, or floating patches of algae, where they live and feed during their first weeks of life.

Sea turtles that avoid eating ocean plastic are still at significant risk of becoming entangled in ghost nets, buoy lines, and other plastic fishing gear, which can cause severe injuries that lead to infection or death.

If we are going to save sea turtles, we must end the overproduction and overconsumption of plastic that’s polluting our oceans, support sustainable fisheries, and establish more marine protected areas.

Removing a pound of trash from the ocean can literally be the difference between life or death for baby sea turtles.

Boris Tezak


Florida Atlantic University® Marine Research Lab

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