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JOSAN Earrings

Josan New York

  • $21.00

Josan jewelry is lead, nickel, cadmium free.  Josan Jewelry gives back to a monestary in the Catskill mountains  Sterling silver ear wires.. It is recommended that you do not polish the jewelry, as doing so will remove the protective coating.

Pieces are hand-polished, creating a deeper luster than mass-produced methods. It requires more time, but we think that it's worth it, and you will too.

"At Josan New York, it’s important to us to regularly give back to the global community. We only support small charities where we - and you! - can see exactly what happens with our donations."

Josän supports the construction of basketball courts, playgrounds, and swimming pools. Your purchase of their earrings supports community-based  volunteer campaigns.

proud to say that their  exclusive approach ensures that their wires and posts are made with allergen-safe materials, including  sterling silver and surgical grade steel. Design elements are made with demi-fine materials, including sterling silver and 14 karat gold plating finishes.

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